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Logo Quiz is one of the most popular game apps out recently on iPhone and Android (such as Samsung and HTC) devices. It would seem simple enough, we’re surrounded by brands, companies and their logos all the time, it should be easy to get all the logo quiz answers and complete the game, right?

Wrong! The seemingly simple task of guessing brands and companies Logos can actually become very tricky. Most of the Logo Quiz versions allow you to use hints or stars to help find the answer, but sometimes that doesn’t help either, and that is where we help you out. Logo Quiz Answers have a comprehensive database of answers to logos quiz on the iOS and the most popular versions of Android. We are the ultimate cheats & walkthrough website for this style of app with more of the solutions than any other site! We have guide you need! You won’t find any videos on here where you have to wait for long loading times and for your logo to appear last, instantly get the answers in the correct level order with images to make it easier to find the logosquiz answers you need.

Don’t feel bad about using this site as a cheat, consider it research into the many brands, corporate companies and logo styles that exist nowadays. What makes a successful company logo? Why are some so much more recognisable than others? These are all questions you can ask yourself while still searching through our database looking for the correct answers. It’s not cheating (well maybe abit), it’s researching!

How to play: You must answer by guessing the name of the logo shown correctly and in the quickest time possible. Be careful not to miss out any letters or type a shortened version of the answer as Logo Quiz will mark that as wrong and you will lose points. You can use stars as a solution to unlock the answer, however these are limited. Hints can also help but again are limited. There is the option to purchase more stars and hints, however with 1000+ logos to guess in total this could get expensive. You make your way through the levels, unable to proceed to the next level until all or a certain number of logos on your current level have been answered correctly. With each level the logos become harder to guess, with easy logos such as McDonalds and Nike in Level 1 and lesser know logos in level 9 such as Capcom and Guerlain. This creates a continual challenge and makes the game more fun and addictive to play, especially when you recognise the logo but just can’t remember the answer!

There are currently 16 levels in the Logos Quiz Game for iPhone. The game is specially designed for iOS platform devices and is compatible with iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads. To start you logo challenge you can download the game through iTunes for free. GameCenter can be used with this game, and the more answers you get right, and the quicker you answer, the higher your score will be. GameCcenter allows you to showoff to your friends how many points you have and what a genius logo guesser you are!

Android versions have up to 20 levels and all can be downloaded from the Google Play store on your device. The quizzes are compatible with both Android phones and tablets. We cater to those with the free versions.

Just choose the logo quiz answers level you need from the menu or visit the Android category page for a choice of versions available on Android devices. You even have the option to let us know which answers you want to see next with our commenting feature, we’d love to hear from you!

Remember our promise to you, all answers will be updated within 24hours of an update coming out! No other cheat site can promise this, so don’t forget to come back for new levels and answers to trending games!

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