8 letter words

8 letter words

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8 Letter Words Solutions

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8 letter words are the largest you will guess on the 4 Pics 1 Word game. This gives you over half the letters already so in theory should be easier, however the pictures and clues are more cryptic when it gets to this level making it harder to guess and more necessary to use a cheat site like this. There are very few words with 8 letters, however they will updated when we find any more, you can help us by letting us know in the comments box if you can’t find the image of the word you are looking for.

8 letter words for 4 pics 1 word app

4 pics 1 word answers 8 letter words


8 LETTER WORD UPDATE! Here are the updated answers from todays 4 Pics 1 Word update on Android, images to follow:
BOOKMARK – Keyboard enter button saying links, open book, closed book, web address
REACTION – Cheering people, woman doing experiment, road sign and dark clouds, blotchy skin
PRECIOUS – Gold jewellery, new born baby, different colour jewels, open treasure chest
CAMPAIGN – British soldiers marching, ball with Marketing written on it, 2 labels saying new, soldiers in the desert firing
TRANSFER – Blue bus sign, smartphone to laptop transfer, credit card, hands cuffed behind back
SECURITY – Police officer, security guard in suit and shades, baby in a ball being held, camera
POLITICS – Lots of Flags on poles, man in suit with red tie, vote being cast, red cross in a circle


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