Level 15 Logos

Level 15 Logos

Logos Quiz Answers

Level 15

Below you will find all the updated level 15 Logos Quiz answers. This particular page is for the iOS version. If you’re looking for the Android walkthrough we have that too, just head back to homepage and navigate form there to find them or the menu on the left will also take you there. The update that included level 15 arrived December 10th 2013, finally, as there had been a gap of almost 6 months since the last update! Hopefully this time gave you a chance to forget the old logos on different levels as some have been repeated here, maybe you’ll recognise them and suddenly remember? or maybe it will be one of those where its just on the tip. of. your. tongue. For those times, we are here with all the answers for you! Just take a look below, woohoo!

    level 15 logosquiz answers

level 15 logo quiz images

more answers continued below

level15 logos quiz answers

logos quiz level 15 answers

That’s all for the December 2013 update! Well don, you have completed the game, for now, tt stops here, but we don’t! We love all things Logos Quiz and if you do to why don’t you give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, we’d love to hear from you! 

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