Level 14 Logos

Level 14 Logos

Logos Quiz Answers

Level 14

Below you will find all the answers to complete level 14 of Logo Quiz. Remember this is for the iPhone/iPad/iPod version, our Android answers are elsewhere. This update came on December 10th 2013 just in time for Christmas, and even came with a funky Christmas skin change, although let all be honest, none of us really cared. It’s all about the logos, and here we are all about the answers so have a scroll down to find what you need. Warning: taking a look below may enable you to complete the game!

level 14 logo quiz answer

logo quiz level 14 solution

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logos quiz level 14 images

level 14 logos quiz iphone

With this level 14 update came a few changes to the game (and about time to it’s been aggggges!). You can now spend you’re coins not only on bombs and resolving the answer but you are also given a ‘choice’ option. Selecting this will give you 3 possible options of what it could be, like a multiple choice test. Usually the correct one is pretty obvious, but why spend all your precious coins when you have us here to help and giude you through! 

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