Logos Level 9

Logos Level 9

Level 9 Logos Quiz Game Answers

All answers to level 9 of the logos quiz game for iphone, ipad and ipod touch

You have reached the final level in the logos quiz game, level 9, congratulations! Have you used up all your hints and stars yet? It’s ok if you have as we have all the level 9 answers for you right here!

Level 9 Logos Quiz Answers

Logos Quiz Answers Level 9

Level 9 Logos Quiz Answers Image

Logos Quiz Answers Level 9 image

For your last foray into logos guessing Aticod have cut you a bit of slack and thrown you some easy(ish) logos, logos that will give you a feel good superhero feel good factor like Batman and Superman. There are many logos on level 9 that might give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside; The Olympic Games might give you happy memories of a fun summer of sport, Snickers and Kitkat will keep chocolate lovers happy, and for those happy childhood memories to come flooding back, they’ve included logos to classic game Monopoly and toy manufactures Fisher Price. Logos Quiz Game wanted to leave you on a good note with these logos, are you feeling happy yet? You will when you have all the answers, which we have complied for you right here in a nice image based way. However, if you do still have some hints left and you would like to use them instead of an answers site, here are some examples of hints for the slightly harder logos so you can save your hints to use on future updates.
Company has made strings since 1875 when Pierre Babolat created the first of natural gut = BABOLAT; The flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles crashed, six survived = OCEANIC AIRWAYS; American accessories company for the youth lifestyle market founded in 1997 in Encinitas = NIXON; Hans Beck (1929 – 2009) is often called ‘The father of P….’ = PLAYMOBIL

Explanations of the logos on level 9
Orbit keeps you breath fresh, it’s a chewing gum.
Energizer has a bunny playing cymbals as a mascot, everything to do with batteries.
Cambridge is a university in England, also where JK Rowling got inspiration Harry Potter.
Monopoly is a game that teaches kids the banks cheat you from a young age.
Batman is. just. cool. He saves the people of Gotham City from evil clowns.
Harvard is a university in Boston, America, where clever people go to learn stuff.
Ghostbusters, if there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood, who you gona call? Ghostbusters!
Ministry of Sound is a club young people go to too dance, they also have a cd.
Padi is the diving instructors course that most gap year students take in Thailand then never use.
Ugg is a brand of sheepskin foorwear that keep your toes nice and warm in winter.
Lonely Planet is a book (now website) that has been helping travellers stay on the beaten path for years.
Martini is the alcoholic beverage of choice for James Bond, shaken not stirred.
MySpace is an ancient social networking site that was pushed out by Facebook. Justin Beiber was discovered on Myspace.
Supermanis cool because he can fly and is super strong.
Ironman is a contest of strength for only the strongest of men in the world.
Fruit of the Loom t-shirts were really fashionable if you were a 12year old in the 90s.
Faber-Castell make very posh Pens and Pencils.
Holiday Inn is a chain of budget hotels which Chingy the rapper had a party.
Oral B keep your teeth clean, either manually or electronically.
Playskool make childrens toys including the very tasty Play-doh
Castelli manufacture clothing and accessories for cyclists, like those extra tight little lycra shorts.

More logo expanations coming soon.

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