Logos Level 8

Logos Level 8

Level 8 Logos Quiz Answers

All answers for level 8 of the Logos Quiz Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

You may be unfamiliar with most of the logos on level 8, that’s why we’re here to help with every answer, that’s 76/76 answers here on this page.

Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 image

Logos Quiz Level 8 Answers logos images

Logos Quiz Level 8 answers

Level 8 Logos Quiz Answers

This level highlights some brands and companies from the Asian continent, for example State Bank of India and China Southern airways. Aeroplane and flight companies feature heavily in level 8 with 21 out of the possible 76 answers belonging to that category, dependant on which area of the world you are from, some of these aeroplane brands may be easier to guess than others. Banks logos and car logos are also very prominent as answers in this level with the total of logos for both coming out at 16. With these figures we can see that Aeroplanes, Banks and cars make up almost 50% of the logo answers in level 8. By this point in the game your logo knowledge may have increased, also you might be more aware of the logos constantly around you in your daily life; this can help you with the answers. However if you still can’t figure it out you can use 3 hints per logo to help you even more, here are a few examples of hints from level 8;
Named like the sixth planet of our solar system = SATURN; It’s defined by its iconic volt logo and has deep roots in action sports = ELECTRIC; International corporation based in Japan, it has headquarters in both Chou-Kobe and Minton Tokyo = KAWASAKI; A planet and a periodic element has the same name = MERCURY;One of the first companies to develop the stainless steel sink concept in the world = TEKA.

Although most of the logos are self explanatory airlines here are some explanations of the level 8 logos anyway;
Wrangler make jeans that make you feel like a cowboy/cowgirl
Santana, not to be confused with Carlos the singer, this is the much less flamboyant car manufacturer.
Carlsburg don’t make logos, but if they did… oh hang on err
Kelme is a Spanish sportswear company, although you couldn’t tell by the logo, we thought it was a vets or wildlife sanctuary at first
Adio is a footwear brand favoured by skaters. Dude.
Novotel is a chain of hotels similar to the Premier Inn but without Lenny Henry.
Sun Microsystems is a computer company, but never mind that, it’s got voted as top logo so many times they’ve lost count!

More explanations to come, for now though, if you hae any comments or an opinion to share please do in the box below. 

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