Logos Level 7

Logos Level 7

iPhone Logos Quiz Answers Level 7

All the Level 7 answers to the Logos Quiz Game app for iPhone, iPad & iPod. For Android answers see here.

Level 7 is when it’s starting to get harder. You really will need to know your logos and brands very well to be able to finish this level alone with no cheat, hints, stars or answers site. 

level 7 logo quiz answers

  Level 7 Logos quiz answers

level 7 logo quiz answers

level 7 logo quiz answers part74

This level is challenging for most people and usually requires the use of many hints, thus losing a lot of points, or an answers site, in which you will lose no points. To save you some hints here are a few from level 7;
Sponsors Russian tennis player Nikolay Davydenko = AIRNESS
In 2008 returned to the North American market under the brand Mavea = BRITA
The oldest luxury cars manufacturer in America = BUICK
Name chosen to reflect the simplicity in rates and ease of use = YOIGO
Japanese company that produced a popular line of motorsport helmets = SHOEI
Japanese telecommunications operator = KDDI
The largest bank of Chinas ‘big four’ state-owned commercial banks = ICBC
It is a French international hypermarket chain = CARREFOUR
Is a brand of inline skates owned by Nordica = ROLLERBLADE
The logos of level 7 cater to the elite, with logos such as Bentley the car manufacturer and the Ritz Carlton, an expensive hotel chain. In fact if you an upper class entrepreneur you might not need much help to get the correct answers on this level, if you wear Oakley sunglasses, are part of the frequent flyer programme Star Alliance and drive a Rolls Royce you will excel on this level. For everyone else, don’t worry there are 1 or 2 logos you may be able to answer correctly yourself and that are advertised regularly such as the big mobile providers Orange and T-Mobile, although these easier logos are few and far between. You don’t need the brainache of it, just check out our walkthrough for all the answers you need


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