Logos Level 6

Logos Level 6

Level 6 Logos Quiz Answers

All the answers to Level 6 of the popular Logos Quiz Game app for iPhone, iPad/iPod. Android users see here

On this page you will find all 76 answers for level 6 of the logos quiz game. You many never have seen some of these logos before or maybe you just need reminding what the brand name is? Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place for the answers!

Level 6 logos quiz answers

Logos Quiz answers level 6 image

Level 6 logos quiz answers

Logos Quiz Level 6 part 5

Level 6 focuses more towards more difficult logos. There are some easy ones in there for your enjoyment such as BT the telecommunications providor or social network Stumbleupon, but most of the brands you will see on this level are quite niche and won’t be brands or companies the average person will encounter everyday, for example fashion designer logos Hermes and Versace are very high end and may not be recognisable. Even the car logos on this level aren’t the most common, such as Ssangyong and Lada, these are rather more specialist. You will find the most Pen maker logos on this level, with a total of 3, nowhere else in the game will you find any pen makers.
There are some logos that you will know the answers to but just can’t remember, you recognise them but don’t know from where, this is where we can help you as you’ll find the full solution right on this page! Don’t think of it as a cheat, just a helping hand to get you back on track.

If you don’t want to use this walk through for every level you can also use your hints to try and figure out the answer yourself, the hints you can find on level 6 include; Provides product reviews and prices, software downloads and tech news = CNET;Leading producers of reagents and systems for life science research = ROCHE; One of the largest renewable energy operators in the world = IBERDROLA; Short for Petroliam Nasional Berhad – PETRONAS; Integrated Spanish oil and gas company with operations in 29 countries = REPSOL.

Explanations of the logos of level 6
Milka makes yummy chocolate from Switzerland
Birdhouse is a clothing brand, nothing to do with housing birds.
Mac is a cosmetics company known for having bright, loud makeup
Lada dedaladadedadoooo
Alitalia is an Italian airline; they fly everywhere else in Europe too.
Sheraton is a chain of posh hotels.
BT are a telecommunications company that make great commercials.
Stabilo make pens, we’re not sure why their logo is a red swan?
Mont Blanc is not only the highest peak in the Alps, but also a company that make watches and jewellery.
ZTE is the world’s forth largest phone manufacture, if you can read Chinese that could help guess this logos answer.
Ssangyong is the hardest logo to spell on level 6.
Manis the easiest logo to guess on level 6, they give you the answer, its so easy that no-one gets it right
Gatorade is the energy drink that will see you through a marathon
CNETis an online reviews site that reviews all things technical.
Disney Channel is responsible for High School Musical and Hannah Montana, make of that what you want.
Novartis are the good guys, they are a pharmaceutical company that want to prevent and cure diseases.
Rabobank is the coolest name for a bank ever. It is Dutch.
Lee don’t pretend to be anything but a pair of comfortable jeans.
Home Depot is where you buy things for your home, you cannot buy homes here.
Pelikan, despite the name and the logo is actually just a pen maker and nothing to do with the bird.
Danone make tasty yoghurts that are good for your gut
Adecco is an HR company; they will try and help you get a job, they won’t always succed given the current unemployment climate.
USPS is the United States Postal Service
Maggi, the instant soups brand loved by university students everywhere
Finnair will fly you to Finland, and nowhere else.
Hasbro is a toy and board game company, often guessed as Haribo.
Walmart is the mega brand American discount department store that’s slowly taking over the world. 

More level 6 logos explanations will be here soon. Please leave any comments or opinions in the box below.


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