Logos Level 5

Logos Level 5

Level 5 Logos Quiz Answers

All the Level 5 answers to the popular Logos Quiz Game app for iPhone/iPad/iPod. For Android answers please see here

You will find every answer to level 5 here on this page. By this stage it has become almost impossible not to cheat and look for a walkthrough as the logos are getting harder to answer, so here are all 76 answers for you.

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Level 5 Answers For Logos Quiz

Answers Logos Quiz Level 5

Level 5 is starting to get significantly harder, with logos such as Bradesco and Credit Suisse, brands that we are not used to seeing regularly if ever. There are however still very commercial companies that you are likely to recognise such as Heinz and Blackberry, even if you do not these brands, you will have seen them being advertised or someone else using them, helping you to answer them on the Logos Quiz Game. Some of the harder to spell logos in level 5 that you may need help with to reach the correct answers are Schwarzkopf and Yves Saint Laurent, even though these logos are easy to recognise, you may not know how to spell the brand name correctly. One of the easiest logos to answer on level 5 is ‘Camel’, it requires some logical thinking, but even if you don’t know that it is the brand name, a lucky guess could give you the correct answer as the name is the same as the animal depicted in the logo
Like every other level, you are able to use hints to give you some idea of what the answer may be, these sometimes help, however mostly they do not and you waste points. Here are some of the hints you can find in level 5; World’s first national broadcasting organisation and was founded in 1922 = BBC; Non-stick cookware, toasters, irons and steam generators = ROWENTA; Was founded in Osaka in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno = MIZUNO; Japanese manufacturer of amateur radio as well as Hi-Fi = KENWOOD; Was founded by Werner van Siemens on 12 October 1847 = SIEMENS; Literally means red ring, which is still placed around the barrel of their pens today = ROTRING; A major airline based in the United States and headquartered in Atlanta = DELTA; One of the big four banks in Brazil, it is headquartered in Osasco = BRADESCO.

Explanations of the level 5 logos
Goldman Sachs is an investment banking firm… snoooore.
Forum is a big brand amongst snowboarders, no-one else knows about it.
Samsonite makes suitcases and luggage, yea we thought they made washing machines too!
Lancome is another range of beauty products claiming they can reverse aging.
ESPN claims to be the worldwide leader in sports, they show a lot of commercials on this channel.
BBC, there is nothing more British than the BBC channel, the first to ever broadcast in the UK.
Kenwood makes food mixers and processors, well someone has to!
Pixar created the movie Toystory, this makes them geniuses.
Olympus, despite the name has nothing to do with the Olympics, it is a camera manufacturer.
History Channel, the go-to channel to learn about things that happed in the past.
Barclays is a bank.
Yves Saint Laurent is maybe the hardest logo to spell on level 5, unless you’re French.
Schwarzkopf is the hardest logo to spell in this whole game! It’s a hair dye.
Bicmakes pens, which has nothing to do with the bobble head man in their logo.
Nespresso make coffee, really great, tasty Coffee.
TomTom will take you places, it’s a GPS system.
Columbia are a sportswear company that not many people have heard of.
Blackberry is a phone manufacturer that no one really uses anymore.
Sprite is a soft drink, and as their commercial reminds us, not a little gremlin.
Staples, a stationary store that actually sells staples, how magical!
Heinz manufactures food; mainly the best tasting baked beans in the world.
Old Navy is a clothing store; it has nothing to do with the sea or sailors.
Cartier is very posh, expensive brand of watch.
Qantas is Australia’s major airline carrier, it’s also one of the only English words not to have the letter ‘U’ following ‘Q’.

Check back soon for more level 5 explanations. Please feel free to leave a comment or opinion in the box below.


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