Logos Level 3

Logos Level 3

Level 3 Logos Quiz Answers

All the answers to Level 3 of the popular Logos Quiz for iPhone, iPad, iPod. Android answers are here.

Here we have the walkthrough for level 3 of the Logos Quiz Game. This level still has easy logos to guess however you may need the cheat to help with company spellings or brand names you can’t remember. 

Logos Quiz Answers Level 3

Loading logos quiz answers level 3

Logos Quiz answers Level 3

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Level 3 has even more logos with parts missing. These are the brands that we know so well but just can’t figure out the answer to. A good example of this on level 3 is the CNN logo, a brand that many people across the world are familiar with, however with most of the image missing, it is difficult to find the solution. Again on this level there are logos to guess that are only giving away one letter, such as Greenpeace and Visa, these are not as difficult to guess as you already have a starting letter. Some of the brands on this level that could get you thinking hard for the answers include United Nations and THQ as these are brands the general public may not be so familiar with. For logos such as United Colors of Benetton it may be necessary to look up the answers on this site just to find the correct spelling. Level 3 however is still not to challenging, with logos such as Dominos and Taco Bell, fast food restaurants that most people are familiar with and are easy to spell. Hints again are available on this level, with 3 hints per logo to help you find the answer.
So that you don’t waste all your points on hints, here are a few from level 3: American multinational energy corporation, has one word = CHEVRON; The largest fables chip supplier in the world, based in San Diego = QUALCOMM; Japanese multinational computer hardware and IT services company = FUJITSU; Has an animated episodic television serie called Battle Force 5 = HOT WHEELS; National Railroad Passenger Corporation = AMTRAK; The headquarters, the J. Edgar Hoover Building, are in Washington = FBI.

Explanations of logos found in level 3
Knorr is a food and beverage brand, mostly known for their cuppa-soups
Timberland the brand not the rapper, make outdoor clothing and products
EA Sports develop video games and are responsible for the many Fifa widows across the globe.
Visa you’ll know best as a credit card company that you had to use during the Olympics
Daewoo is a car brand that is now known as Chevrolet.
Telefonica is one of the largest private telecommunications companies in the world.
Netflix allows you to watch movies on demand, as long as you pay them a monthly fee.
FBI – confidential information.
Napster is a music streaming service, the brainchild of Justin Timberlake, oops we mean Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake in movie ‘The Social Network’.
Mountain Dewis a fluorescent green carbonated soft drink. Rumur has it if you drink to much you also turn that color.
Puma the brand and not the big cat produces sports clothing and footwear.
Lays also known as Walkers are a brand of chips also known as crisps.
Yamaha is multi-talented producing not only musical instruments but also motorised vehicles.
Rossignol is the logo that most people find hardest to guess on level 3. They provide ski and snowboard accessorize.
WWF the World Wildlife Fund is not to be confused with WWE Wrestling.
Mini is the cutest car brand around know for its pint sized cars… and the Italian Job movie.
Sesame Street is the children’s TV show that brought us Big Bird, the Cookie Monster and lots of puppet related nightmares.
Tesco is a supermarket chain that believes ‘every little helps’.
Chevron is engaged in every aspect of the oil, gas, and geothermal energy industries; you’ll better know it as a gas station.
Volvo is a car brand mainly driven by mums and dads on the Parent Teacher Association.
Virgin was founded by mega entrepreneur Richard Branson and his goatee.

More explanations of the level 3 logo answers will be up soon! Please feel free to comment or ask questions using the comment box below.


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