Logos Level 2

Logos Level 2

Level 2 Logos Quiz Answers for iPhone

All Level 2 answers for Logos Quiz Game app for iPhone/iPad/iPod. Android answers here.

There are all the answers for level 2 logos here. This level you may cheat more than previously as it begins to get a little bit more challenging and there are more logos to guess. We are here to give you the solutions when you don’t know an answer and need some help.

Answers Logos Quiz Level 2


Level 2 Logos Quiz answers

Logos Quiz Level 2 answers

Although level 2 still has many easy logos to guess such as Facebook and YouTube, these are logos that you will have come across many times and be familiar with. It does also contain slightly lesser known logos such as Allianz and Nikita. It is sometimes made difficult to find the solution as more parts of the logo will be missing, such as the Ford logo which is merely just a blue oval, or Sony which is a single letter ‘y’ on it’s own.You of course can use hints and stars, but why waste them at such an early stage, save them and get more points by finding the answers here instead. If you don’t want to cheat and easily get the solutions, there are hints and stars available on this level to help you figure out the answer and name of the logo. Hints for answers are available but cost you points, some of the level 2 hints include: Initially created to provide healthcare to children in countries devastated by WWII = UNICEF; American multinational founded by Richard Troiano, Sandy Lerner, Len Bosack = CISCO; The company was founded in 1970 by Robert H. McClure of Princeton = PRINCE; Brand of pale lager produced by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico = CORONA; Founded as ‘System Analysis and Program development’ = SAP; It ranks as the 9th largest company in the world (based on revenue) = AXA

Explanation of Logos found on level 2
Nivea is a global skin and body care brand, they make great moisturisor!
Minute Maid makes yummy OJ, produces beverages, usually lemonade or orange juice, but now includes soft drinks.
Windows, you will have almost certainly used this on your computer once in your life, the Microsoft operating system.
Mercedes produces posh German cars and other automobiles.
Olay claims to make old woman look younger, with their range of face and eye creams.
Dreamworks is the animation studio that brought you Shrek and KungFu Panda!
CocaCola is a fizzy, addictive soft drink. Also major brand that decided Father Christmas should wear red.
Verizon is an American global broadband and telecommunications company that will charge you a fortune to make phonecalls abroad.
IMDB database listing movies, tv shows, actors and wannabe reality tv stars.
Roncato is the logo that no-one can ever guess and gets stuck on. They make suitcases.
UPS is a courier and tracking service that gives the postal service a run for its money!
Monster, wants to be RedBull, is an energy drink that will keep you awake for days with the caffeine equivalent of 7 cups of coffee.
Hello Kitty is a cartoon for adults from Japan. Her official character profile states her real name is Kitty White and she was born on November 1st.
Alfa Romeo is an Italian manufactuer of cars, many men think driving an Alfa Romeo equals attention from beautiful girls…. many men are wrong.
Skoda the car manufacturer once made an entire car out of cake for an advertising campaigne.
Linkedin, the social newtwork where semi professionals go to try and network with real professionals.
Armani is a designer clothing brand from Giorgio Armani fashion house in Italy.
Adidas makes sports clothing, sports accessories, sports sneakers, and olympic athletes. Vicky Pollard is a fan of the jackets.
Lucasarts is a videogame developer and publisher, recently sold out to Disney.
Nasa got the first man landing on the moon. They know everything about space.
Wikipedia is the free onine encylopdia that anyone can edit, it is the source of all knowledge about everything.
AXA is an insurance group that nobody can figure out the logo of.
Allianz is another insurance group that most people dont know the logo of.
Facebook is a social networking service allowing you to look up your ex’s and browse through friends of friends holidays photos.
Kleenex is useful to have around when you are crying or have a runny nose, their tissues are very soft. 

More level 2 logos explanations still to come!




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