Logos Level 1

Logos Level 1

iPhone Level 1 Logos Quiz Answers

All the answers to Level 1 of the popular Logos Quiz Game app for iPhone/iPad/iPod. For Android answers see here.

This game allows hints to help you try and achieve the answer, however you lose points for every hint you take. Therefore if you are wanting to score highly it is better for you to use this walkthrough which includes all the level 1 answers.   This level is the easiest to pass, with only 34 logos to have to guess correctly, although you may need to cheat in order to pass with perfect points and to get a high score as some logos aren’t so obvious or may be harder to spell. 

Logos Quiz Answers Level 1

Logo Quiz answers level 1

Here on this page you’ll find all the answers to all level 1 logos in the logos quiz game app. By now you’ve likely figured out that the aim of the game is to guess the name of the logo presented. The logos are usually big brands and large companies, they can be fast food restaurants, banks, clothing brands and much more. Level 1 is the easiest level, with the fewest amount of logos and therefore less answers to have to guess. Some of the answers on level 1 include brands you may see every day such as Twitter, the social networking site and McDonalds the global fastfood restaurant chain. These are well known and established brands that we see around us often and should be relatively easy to guess correctly. Harder logos to guess on level 1 include computer software giant Microsoft, as the ‘os’ logo can be hard to place. Similarly the Canon logo can also cause difficulty on this level as once again the two letters don’t give much away, even though the full logo is the name of the the brand with a recognisable font. But don’t worry we are here to help you with all the answers you don’t know or can’t remember!
However, if you are still keen to use hints instead of this walkthrough, or have already used a hint, still can’t figure out the answer, but don’t want to waste anymore valuable points, here are some of the hints you’ll find on level 1;
Manufactures photographic equipment, print and document solutions = CANON, one of the most popular SLR camera makers. 
Multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered Seoul = SAMSUNG, also a manufacturer of phones and tablets. 
Also produces a line of apparel for young women, under the brand Roxy = QUIKSILVER, is a big brand in the surfing and snowboarding community.
Founded by Eugene Schueller in 1909 = LOREAL, this is also a make-up and cosmetics company.
Software that allows the users to make video calls over the internet = SKYPE, a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends in other countries.

We advise not to try and use up all your hints on this level as it’s likely you will need them more further along the game for other logos you won’t know. Most of these logos are generally seen in day to day life and are very recognisable if you think hard enough, although using this cheat will help you if you want to achieve a high score. 

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