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Logo Quiz Answers

Answers to all levels of the iPhone and ANDROID Logos Quiz Game App

Logos Quiz Answers for Android (Bubble Quiz Games) Level 1

Logos Quiz Answers Android level 1

Volkswagen:The short version for this name is VW.It is an automobile manufacturing company belonging to country Germany.It is a very old company started in the year 1937.Its headquarters is located in Wolfsburg.It is the largest producer of cars in the world with different models.The logo also changed from1937 till now. German labour front is the founder of this company.The network is world wide number of employees are around 6,10,000. Up to 2016.If we know the meaning of volkswagen in German language,it is “peoples automobile”.It is in the top 25 largestcompanies in the world.The company’s brands include Audi,Seat,Skoda, Bently ,Scania,Lamborghini,Bugatti.It isplans may be for manfacturing or for assembling the parts are located in many countries like US ,China,India,Russia,......Recently, it announced a new factory in Algeria.An exclusive museum is also maintained by the company it annunced by the company.To exhibit its long history.the re are two e-models also which are all electric vehicles.R models refers to Golf sirocco.Hybrid vehicles and plug in electric vehicles are also theirs.

L’Oreal:This is the name of a french cosmetics company. The registered off is in paris.This is the world’s largest cosmetics company.The products focuses on skin core , hair colour ,protection against sun,perfume,make –up,hair care.this is the top nanotechnology patent-holder in the us .It has constant updates in dermatology,toxicology,tissue engineering and bio pharmaceutical researches. Its products are world wide. Nescafe: This is the brand name of instant coffee made by Nestle.The powdered coffee brand is first introduced in Switzerland in the year 1938 .There are a number of nescafe products like nescafe classic,Nescafe Black old ,Nescafe Allen... so...on .It has also some special ranges like nescafe latte, nescafe Excella.....etc.

Pizza Hut: This is the name ofan American restaurantchain.It is well known for its italian- American styles of cooking.The menu in the restuarant is pizza,pasta,side dishes ,desserts and so on .Through out the world,it has crossed over 15000,locations dancarry and frank comey are the founders. Number of employees in this is 160,000+. Amazon:This Amazon.com is an American electronic commerce company.It is also cloud computing company. This is founded in the year 1994 by Joff Bezos. Basing as total sales and capital in the market, this is the largest retailer in the world which is internet –based.Initially,it is an online book store,then stepped into Cd’s,DVD’s, MP3, downloads, software,Video games,electronics, apparel....and so on. Smartness of the website is that is different for united states, the United kingdom and Ireland ,France,Canada,Germany,Italy,Spain,Netherlands,Australia,Brazil,Japan,China,India and Mexico. It has also Amazon studios.This is the part of Amazon .com that makes movies,comics,television shows.

IBM: This is the common name of international Business Machines Corporation. Its head quarters is Armonk,New york, United states.This is an American multinational technology company .Its operations are in 170 countries above.Many inventions are done by IBM including,ATM which is automated teller machine, the floppy disk,the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database , the SQL programming language, the UPC barcode and DRAM –dynamic random- access memory.It has the worlds largest employers nearly 3,80,000.It’s employees are also popular with their medals and awards.

MTV: This is a Music Television.The channel is owned by VIACOM Media networks and is an American Cable and satellite television channel. Music videos are by the channel called “video Jockeys”.It aimed young adults but teenagers college going, high school students are also attracted.The Language of the channel is English. Its head quarters is in Newyork city.The Channel was initially launched on August 1, 1981.Some few black artist are also seen on the channel like michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Musical youth.Herbie Hancock,prince and Eddy grant.The first MTV Video music awards show is produced by the channel in the year1984.Now this became the most watched annual event.

Sony: The sony is called sony frics on formerly the headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.The industry is related to telecommunications.President and CEO of is Hiroki Totoki.There are a number of applications related to music and video and many gaming apps.The applications are Xperia Lounge ,Life log,Psu remote play,track its and so on.....

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