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Logo Quiz Answers

Answers to all levels of the iPhone and ANDROID Logos Quiz Game App

Level 8 Logo Quiz Answers for Android(Bubble Quiz Games)

Below you will see all the level 8 answers and full walkthrough for the Logo Quiz Classic by Bubble Quiz Games for Android devices.

Logos Quiz Answers Android Level 8

Android Level 8 Logos Quiz Answers

Android Level 8 Logo Quiz Answers

Starbucks: It is a coffeehouse chain and an American company of coffee.It was founded in 1971 and in seattle, Washington.It is different from other coffees in taste and quality and darkly roasted coffee is supplied.Second wave and third wave coffee are its sequences.It uses automated machines espresso for safety and quality.Its products include espresso,hot and clod drinks, whole-bean coffee,coffe latte,full and loose leaf teas,Teavana tea products,Frappuccino beverages,snacks like chips and crackers,pumpkin spice latte….etc.Its stores also sell hot and cold sand wiches, pre-pacakged food items,mugs and tumblers, beer,wine and appetizers are supplied at starbucks Evenings.Number of employees are 2,38,000.

Procter & Gamble produces this brand of laundry detergent and first in the year 1946.According to 2009 survey ,it is in top three brands.The logo of Tide was designed by Donald Deskey who is an industrial designer.Liquid detergents and powder of six in number have the brand Tide in United States.A product of Tide called Tied-To-Go is in a pen-like format to remove small stations on the spot,not for further,laundering.NASCAR stock cars called”Tied Ride “is sponsored by Tide.

Tommy Hilfiger: This corporation is founded in 1985, by Thomas Jacob “Tommy Hilfiger”. He started his career by a chain of clothing and he is a fashion designer started with menswear, later started women’s clothing and extended to perfumes.His first book. All American a style book is published in 1997. Tommy HIlfiger is another book.He has the collections inspired by music.Hilfiger sold his company for $1.6 billion in the year 2006 to Apax partners.Which was again sold to phillips, van Heusen for $3 billion.But Tommy Hilfiger did not lost his job as principal designer.He received Geoffrey Beene lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 by the council of fashion Designers of America.Tommy is an American. He has two wives in his personal life.He has four children for his first wife.

Whole foods Market: It is an American Supermarket chain.Its foods are without artificial preservatives,flavours,colors,sweeteners and hydrogenated fots.It is an organic grocer certified first in Unite States.Its first day is september 20,1980 in Austin,Texas, Now there are 431 supermarkets in the United States,Canada and the UK.It has 91,000 employees.Based on 2014 revenue it is the 30th largest retailer in the U.S. and became a Fortune 500 company in March 2005.This will not sell milk or meat from cloned animals.From june 2011, USDA national organic food and personal care products.

Saleen: This is an American Manufacturer of sports car and automotive parts of high performance quality.Its headquarters is in Corona,California U.S.A and the founder is Steve Saleen. In 2007 , Saleen’s flagship car,saleen S7 is introduced.Currently,S302,S570,S620 and the GTX are produced.Some special vehicles are also produced which is either concept vehicles, non-production models or non-serialized versions.Some models are Ford Tempo, California Edition GT by saleen,seal Beach police car,RRR….etc.Supercharges are series1 ,series2, series3, and so on.Saleen designed,and assembled Ford Gt in 2002.

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