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Logo Quiz Answers

Answers to all levels of the iPhone and ANDROID Logos Quiz Game App

Level 7 Logo Quiz Answers for Android (Bubble Quiz Games)

Here are all the answers and full walkthrough to level 7 of the Logo Quiz Classic app on Android.

Logo Quiz Answers Android Level 7

Android Level 7 Logos Quiz Answers

Level 7 Logo Quiz Bubble Quiz Games Answers Android

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Oreo:This is the name of a cookie’s brand. It is the best selling cookie in the United States since its time of introduction in the year 1912.Truly,it is a two chocolate wafers filled with sweet cream in-side and between.This is a brand of Nabisco cadbury.Actually,there is a little bit of confusion in the meaning of the name .By any way the brand is simple with onlyfour letters.It is also short and pronounciation is also easy. Some days, its advertisement on television has the phrase, twist,lick,dunk which captured the children.Its the worlds best selling cookie.It s networkis in more than 100 countries.Some flavours popular in U.S are big stuf Oreo, mini Oreo..etc.

Unilever: The head-quarters of unilever in Rotterdam,Netherlands and London, United Kingdom is a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company.Food beverages,cleaning agents and personal care products are itsproducts.Itisafter procter & Gamble,Nesttle in standing as the third largestconsumer goodscompany.Ithas a verybig market in over 190 countries an dalso it is a very old on e being known to every one . The brands of the company are also very high.1930 is the year in which it is founded. When the food industry became narrow, health and beauty brands are started. There are four main discussions under unilever-personal care including skin and hair care products, deodorant’s and oral care products, Food which include soups ,sauces,snacks,buillons mayonnaise..etc. and refreshment like icecream weight-management products and Homecare products like powders,Soap bars, cleaning products...etc.

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