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Logo Quiz Answers

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Logo Quiz Answers Level 6

Android level 6 part 1

Android Level 6 Logo Quiz answers Bubble Quiz

Android Logo Quiz Answers Level 6

Fruit of the loom: This is an American company with its world headQuarters in Bowling,Green,Kentucky.It manufacture under wear of mens and boys,women’s and girls,fleece -yes for the active wear ,printable T-shirts,casualwear,womens ,jeans wear and childrens wear.Berkshire Hath away is the owner.Number of employees are 32,000+ throughtoutthe world.It alsohas some brands likeB.U.D Funpals/Fungals,screenstars and underoos.The commercialads on T.V include actorsforapple,greengrapes,purple grapes and leaves on logo.

Oral-B: This is a brand of Procter&Gamble producing toothpastes,tooth brushes,mouth washes and dental floss.Dr.Robert W.Hutson created the toothbrush claiming better for massaging the gums and more effective at picking the tooth powder with angle-cut bristles.Oral-B brand name is also created by him only.The first product of him is Oral-B 60 worth 60 tufts.He sold his business to Gillette group .since 2006 this is a part of P&G.In 1991,indicator tooth brush and in 1998 cross action toothbrush are its innovations.

Playskool: Thiscompany produces toys for education and games for children.In is founded in1928, july 26.It is an American company.The headquarters is in powtucket, RhodeIsland. An employee in a company made toys of wood for teaching children.It has also office in Chicago. Mr.Potato head ,alphie,weebles,Tonka,Elefun,sesame street toys,Gio warm are its brands.Its products are like step start walk n rise,the Tummy time line, Kick start Gym.These are very useful for developing motor skills of babies. So playskool-aged children.For the creativity of children also it creates toys like Go Go Gears.Busy Basic Lines.Many dolls and action figures are also Manufactured by this one.

Marvel:This is an American publisher of comic books.It is originated in U.S. It is founded in 1939 some of the publishers are charles”chip”Goodman, Stan Lee,Bill Jemas,Dan Buckley.The Ownership is of Martin Goodman.Its offices are in the Mc. Grow-Hill Building,in suite 1401 of the Empire state Building, 575 Madison Avenue,10 East 40th Street and so on .some live shows are spider-man live!,Marvel universe Live ! ….Imprints are Marvel comics, Infinite comics,Icon comics,Marvel comics etc.

Hot wheels: Oh ! the owner of this brand is Mattel.This is introduced by American toy maker Mattel.The first intention is for children and young adults,they also attracted adults.But a few edition models only.1968 is the year of introduction.Some of the cars released in1969 are chevy nomad,custom Amx,searkers,Lotus Turbine,Torero,twin Mill and many more.Cars released in 1970 are mantis,seasider HairyHauler,Tri-Baby,Heavy Chevy,TNT Bird, carabo,skyshow Deora...etc.Similarly,many cars are released in 1971,1972,1973,1974.Many video games are also released.

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