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Logo Quiz Answers

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Level 5 Logo Quiz Answers
for Android Bubble Quiz Games

Logo Quiz Level 5 answers Android

The Logo Quiz Android Level 5 Answers

Android Level 5 Logos Quiz Answers

Prada: This is name of a luxury fasion house belonging to Italy.It is specialized in travel accessories,shoes,leather hand bags,ready-to-wear perfumes and same other fashion accessories.The founder is Mario prada and founded in1913.Initially,this is a leather goods shop and has leather goods trunks(stemer) and hand bags .pradas ads include several models and actors. Its stores have well architecture.It has abig and mega store of duplex type at the pavilion Kuala Lumpur.Its largest botique in Dubai is mall of the Emirates.2007 is the starting year of production of watches for prada and was stopped in 2012.perfumeslike Tendre for women in 2006, benjoin for women in 2007,prada candy forwomen,2011 are some.It also stepped in producing mobile phones. LG and prada collaborated and produced three mobile phones.

Sanyo: This is a big electronics company with its head-Quarters in Moriguchi,Osaka,Japan.Toshio lue is the founder of sanyo.Nickel metalHydride batteries are supplied to Honda motor co Ltd,by sanyo electric coltd.It also suppliestoFord motor co, and volkswagen.national Rugby league of Australia has the sponsorship of sanyo for penrith panthers Rugby league team.

Sharp: Itis a Japanese Multinational corporation.It designs and produces electronic products withits headquarters in sakai-Ku, sakai.Tokuji Hayakawa in 1915 founded the Ever- Sharp themechanicalpencil,hence the name.In accordance with television manufacturer,it is the tenth largest in the world.Lcd panels,mobile phones solar panels,video projectors,audio-visual entertainment,multi-function printing devices,air conditioners,microwave ovens, cash registers,CMDs and CCD sensors and flash memory are its products.

Tesco: Jack cohen is the founder of Tesco.It is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer.The stores are spreaded in 12countries in Aisia and Europe.It is number one in UK, Ireland, Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand.According to revenues ,it is the fifth largest retailer in the world.According to profits itis thethird largest retailer in the world.Its first store is in 1931 in burnt Oak, Barnet.

Xbox: This brand is a Video game and the owner is microsoft.It has alsoan online service,Xbox live.It has applications,streaming services.The original xboxwas first introduced on November 15, 2001 in the U.S. up tomay 10 2006, 24million units weresold.In 2005 second console, the xbox 360 was released.The recent one is xbox one . Games and their main articles are list of xbox games, list of 360 games, list of xbox one games,list of Xbox live Arcade games and soon. A Software,Xbox 360 dashboard is also available.

Lee: This brand is related to clothing industry.It is founded in 1889 and the founder is Henry David Lee.It is an american brand of denim Jeans.The owner is VF Corporation which is the largest appearel company in the world.The number of employees are 400 only. A 7 month protest was held by the factory workers in Scotland.In India,Lee Jeans are produced by Arvind mills.Daily,5000 pairs are manufactured by 60,000 workers.More than $40 million per annum are spent for advertising only with in the USA.

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