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Logo Quiz Answers Level 3

Below you will find all the answers and full cheat to the Logo Quiz Classic app for Android devices.

Logo Quiz answers Android Level 3

Android Level 3 Logos Quiz Answers

Android Level 3 Logo Quiz Answers

National Geographic: This is the magazine of a society- National Geographic Society.The first one is in the year 1888.The magazine includes articles on geography,history and world culture.The photographs are very dramatic It is a monthly magazine up to the year 2015,the magazine appeared in40 local languages.Its own data published in the magazine shows that it has a circulation of 6.7 million which is a decline from 12 million in1980’s.Now it is controlled 21st century fox.

Volvo: This is a multinational Manufacturing company and a Swedish with its headquarters in Gothenburg.The products it manufacturers include buses,trucks,Marine and industrial engines,construction equipment,financial services.Its production of volvo cars is taken by Ford motors company.The latin meaning of Volvo is”Iroll”.The number of employees is 99,501.

CNN:This is the abbreviated form for Cable News Network .This has the slogan go there This is CNN.It is the cable and satellite television channel. The owner is Turner BroadCasting system.This is a 24-hour news channel.

Dove:Only a flying bird is shown in the image and it is very famous among females for their liking of the beauty products.This brand Dove owner is United Kingdom’s Unilever.Some products are beauty bars, deodorants, lotions, hair care and so on.Only in 2010, men’s toiletries are introduced by Dove. Daughters is one of its short film .Other short films include Evolution,onslaught and amy.

FireFox : It is also Mozilla FireFox and a free web browser and open-source.Itis on windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.Deeply examining the logo,we can see a fox on blue color ball like thing.This is initially created in the year 2002.It is better than Internet Explorer 6 in speed, security.The down loads are 60 million in nine months initially.

Opel:It started110 years back.It is one of Europes largest auto Manufacturers. Adam opel is the founder.It Planned 27new vehicles and 17 new engines by the year 2018.

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