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Logo Quiz Answers

Answers to all levels of the iPhone and ANDROID Logos Quiz Game App

Level 2 Logo Quiz Classic Answers

Here are all the answers and full cheat for the Logo Quiz Classic app on Android by Bubble Quiz Games. Available in the Google Playstore.

Answers for Level 2 Logos Quiz Android

The Logos Quiz answers for Android Level 2

Chevrolet : This is an American automobile division of General motors.William C .Durant and louis Chevrolet started the company in 1911, november 3.It is the best selling car in the United States by1929 over taking Ford.The vehicles of this brand are sold world wide.The synonyms for generalmotors is chevrolet, chevy or chev.The top most market for chevrolet is in United States with a market share of 36.9% apart from other countries like China, India,Colombia and so on.It has a record in 2011 being 4.76 million vehicles sold world wide.It has network in over 140 countries. Coming to Asian Countries,China is its third largest market after US,Brazil.In India,Chevrolet came to business only on June 6,2003.It supplies engines for the Formula Rolon. It is a very old company of 105 years after establishment. The headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan,U.S.Apart of its products ,it has also some services like vehicle Financing,Vehicle repairs, oil changes….

Coca Cola: This is also called Coke.The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta,Georgia,United States produces this carbonated soft drink. During 20th century, it is the leading soft drink market.The main ingredients of drink were kola nuts,which is a source of Caffeine and coca leaves.From these two names, the name of the brand emerged.The actual formula is not revealed.This company also introduced other drinks like diet coke, caffeine-free,Cherry,zero,Vanilla etc which are used occasionally.The ingredients include sugar, caffeine,phosphoric acid, caramel color,Natural flavouring substances and Carbonated water.The color is caramel E-150d.

Hello Kitty:This is the name of a character. First it is called”the white cat with no name”.Later ,it’s full name is described as kitty white.The birth place of kitty white is London,England suburbs.Date of birth is November1.Ithas five apples height and three apples weight.The weight of her head is nearly half of her total weight .This is afemale character.She has a twin sister named as mimmy.She isa good baker and love apple pie.she also goes to school and shows intrest in English ,music and art.

Skoda:This is the Manfacturer of automobile and startedin1895.The head quqrters is in( Zech Republic.In 2015,it sold1.06 million cars globally.It planned to launch anallelectric car by 2020 orwithinanother one year.Numberof employees are over 25,889.It is initially a child of Volkswagen group,later it defeated and became indepandent.

Adidas: It is a multinational corporate sector of German nationality.It is aproducer of clothes,shoes and other accessories.It is the leader inmanfacturing sports wear in Europe but remains insecond position inthe world.It has Reebox sports wear company.Itsrevenue for 2012was14.88 billion.The first clothing is in1967.Now it sells womens jackets,trackpants, t-shirts,and leggings.It is the largest manfaturer of sports bars in Europe and stands second in the world.

Suzuki:This is a Japanese multinational corporation, the head-quarters being in Japan. The speciality is its automobiles ,four-wheel drive vehicles,motor cycles,ATV’s,wheelchairs,outboard marine engines and different kinds of other small internal combustion engines.The number of employees is over 45,000.It has production facilities in 23 countries and distribution is 192 countries.

Ferrari: This is the sports car manufacturer with its head -Quarters in Italy.The company name is the partial name of the founder Enzo Ferrari.Its first car is out in 1940. According to Brand finance,this is the most powerful brand in the world.The products are simply sports car.It has the speciality for itsparticipationin in formula One,racing in which it is Successful.This stands asasymbolofluxury,speed and wealth.

Cartoon network: CN which is in the image is the abbreviated form of Cartoon Network. This is the basic cable and satellite television channel.The country it belongs is United States.This is more or can say mostly favourite to the children,since it shows childrens animated programs in which action and comedy everything are involved.It has also a slogan Are you CN what we’re saying? Its broadcast are isnational.It is launched on October 1, 1992.

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