94percent Reptiles and you cant buy it answers

94percent Reptiles and you cant buy it answers

94 Percent Game Answers – Level 3 and 4

94 game answer

Here you’ll find the answers to level 3, or if the levels are moving around for you then its the Repile, something you never have enough time to do and moon image level and also the you can’t buy it, species of fish and children safari level. Which ones did you find the hardest? Are you in the 94percent of people who would have got all the answers straight away? IT’s cool if you’re not, we certainly aren’t, we have all sorts of different answers.

Something we never have enough time to do… sit around getting brain ache from playing this game, way easier to just come up here and get answers!

It’s a lot tougher than it looks! Which is why we are here to help you with all the 94% answers! Scroll down to enjoy and relax 🙂

Level 1:
94% things you find in a pencil case
94% Fruit with seeds or pits
Picture round! 94% Fireman image
Level 2:
94% First thing you do in the morning:
94% Something that requires a ticket
Picture round! 94% Chalkboard image
Level 3:
94% Reptiles
94% Something you never have enough time to do
Picture round! 94% Moon image
Level 4:
94% You can’t buy it
94% Speicies of fish
Picture round! 94% Children safari
Level 5:
94% You eat it with bread
94% Something you do on phone
Picture round! 94% Japanese house
Level 6:
94% Something you use everyday
94% Wind instruments
Picture round! 94% Oil Rig image



Level 7:
94% Something used for cooking
94% Jewelry
Picture round! 94% Buffalo image
Level 8:
94% London
94% Girls names ending in A
Picture round! 94% Supermarket
Level 9:
94% Thing you wear on your neck
94% Couple
Picture round! 94% Wood Chop
Level 10:
94% It’s difficult to say
94% Baby
Picture round! 94% Donut image
Level 11:
94% Poker
94% Good for you but don’t like it
Picture round! 94% Honey Bee
Level 12:
94% Mouse
94% A change of
Picture round! 94% Egg butter image


Level 3:

94% Reptiles

47% Lizards (easy one)

26% Snake

18% Crocodile

3% Turtle

94% Something you never have enough time to do

21% Sleep (amen to that!)

20% Homework

14% Clean

12% Relax

12% Exercise

8% Eat

7% Read

Picture round! Moon image, what do you see?

40% Moon

22% Night

17% Dark

10% Cresent

5% Sky

Level 4:

94% You can’t buy it

43% Love

27% Happiness

9% Health

7% Friendship

5% Family

3% Time


94% Species of fish

18% Salmon

14% Bass (all about that bass)

11% Trout

11% Clown (nemo!)

9% Catfish

9% Tuna

8% Goldfish

6% Cod

5% Shark

3% Flounder

Picture round! Children with binoculars image, what do you see?

29% Safari

24% Binoculars

19% Children (duh)

13% Exploring

7% Africa

2% Bird Watching

More levels coming soon….


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